Why Choose TUFitness?

TUFitness is built to address a growing industry trend; fitness is for everyone.

TUFitness prides itself on consistency, diversity, and accessibility. Our goal is not just to exercise but to improve the overall quality of life. We have had success and experience with training and developing clients from every demographic-

Our Approach

Our approach to coaching and development starts with getting to know YOU and YOUR basic movement patterns. We use our expertise to develop a set of compatible workout programs with a comfortable progression that aims to make everyday movements more efficient to prevent future injuries and pains.

Learn a strength, mobility and pliability routine that is designed to help prevent any further discomfort – the repetitive movements we do each day can cause joint pain and muscle imbalances that eventually will need to be addressed… correct these issues WHILE you gain strength by getting expert help so you can be THE healthiest version of yourself!

Our Vision

The vision is to educate and motivate as many people as possible, spreading health and happiness through fitness. Empowering others to take control of their own physical and mental health.

We believe that fitness should be corrective, core-centric, and customer-centric. We strive to develop personal relationships with our clients to effectively create specialized workout programs and properly motivate them to succeed in fitness and in life.


Specialty Certifications include Functional Training, Corrective Exercise, Suspension Training, Special Needs & Special Populations, Weight Management & Sports Specific Training. Our “Mobile Training Services” range from virtual training to workouts in the home.

Corrective Exercise

Life takes a toll on your body-find the right work out to take steps to improve your strength/mobility/quality of life!. 

Athletic Training

Movement patterns and varying intensities to help prepare for any sports- ranging from golf to basketball.

Special Needs

Experienced with autism-success in coaching powerlifts as well as basic functional training.

Weight Management

Lose weight and maintain your healthy new weight !!

Not Ready to Join a Gym? Go Mobile

Our “Mobile Training Services” include virtual training to workouts in the home workouts. There is diversity in our expertise and experience – Corrective Exercise & correcting movement patterns is essential to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. We stay away from what is known as the “huff and puff effect” and focus on proven dedication and programming.

Additional Training Services


Special Populations

All populations need the physical and mental benefits that come with exercising properly. You might be surprised how different these workout programs might look! Take part in an exercise routine designed for the daily tasks you accomplish to make your life more safe!

Group Training

There are some exercises that can safely be done by a group of people, and these act as great team-building and relationship-building activities for many families, friends, or groups. Save time and money by joining (or starting) a group of your own!

Mobile Training

Whether “on the go” using our fitness app, or “at home” working with a trainer that will travel to you-our Mobile Training Services make exercise easy and attainable for everyone!


TUFitness emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet when it comes to improving your overall fitness level. Learn about the latest dietary trends and science; more importantly, learn which ones are right for YOU to combine with a personalized exercise program to achieve desired fitness level!

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What Our Clients Are Saying ...

Linda Kall

“Mike is the best trainer I have ever had! He is very knowledgeable in terms of the science, but he is also very adept at pinpointing individual needs. I have had other trainers, in a variety of different venues; but not one of them has motivated me to exercise on my own the way that Mike has. I feel confident in my movements during the day and confident in what I am doing when exercising alone. Highly recommend...”

Adam Balog

“My approach to working out was that I do a few predetermined exercises on the machines and go for a run. I had no idea how little this routine was doing for me until I started training with Mike. He takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to exercise and wellness. Our workout is around my individual needs and you think you know are getting the most out of your workouts, do a few with Mike and see what your routine is missing.”

Mike Davis

“I have been training with Mike for years now. When I started, I weighed over 300 pounds and was extremely inactive. Mike helped me lose 50 pounds before a cervical spinal operation set me back. Mike helped me regain my strength after my surgery with a combination of techniques learned in Physical Therapy office along with some stuff that we came up with together. Now, we are working on my overall flexibility and core strength. If I ever need Mike for a workout or for support, he has been there for me.”

Kevin Fitzgerald

“I had been through 5 five different trainers at a big box gym before I started working with Mike. I have stuck with him for the last year and will continue to train with him because he challenges me in ways that are not damaging to my joints/back. I was a runner for years and now my knees/back can't handle the wear and tear of certain movements/exercises. Even still, I have lost 20 pounds of body fat over the last 6 months and have not totally blown up my diet. In fact, I still drink plenty of beer and am 50 years old and can still see my abs starting to show through!"

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