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TUFitness is THE Corrective Exercise Training Company. We offer customized services to help our clients become the best version of themselves, spreading health and happiness through fitness.


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WHY Be A TUF-Trainer??

“We make exercise corrective, core-centric and customer-centric!”

We require our trainers to make fitness “corrective, core-centric, and customer-centric”. Staying on top of ongoing industry trends and certifications is essential to train here. We take into consideration an
individual’s willingness to get to know his/her clients on a personal level to best educate and motivate them to success! At the core of our company’s success is education and motivation-neither are achieved
overnight, and neither is achieved alone!

For experienced trainers-we offer access to clientele looking for a specialized set of fitness services. This relationship allows you to further hone your craft and provide expert care – while we at TUFitness can proudly ensure that our clients will be receiving care from the industry’s leading professionals. Access to clients that need a service and providing them with quality service at their convenience is what separates us from others in the industry.

Our primary goal has always been to best serve our clients and make them into the happiest and healthiest version of themselves-having the right trainers make all the difference! It is all about people
and processes!

For trainers relatively new to the industry-we offer regimented and uniform certification processes and access to continuing education, as well as mentor and shadow programs for those looking to eventually represent the TUFitness brand.

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