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Fitness is for everyone! But it is not “one-size-fits-all”. Build a workout routine that can make YOU and YOUR loved ones happier and healthier! We have the knowledge and specialization necessary to build safe and effective workouts for anyone!

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Stay Motivated, Keep Moving & Trust the Process

1. TUFitness is built upon successful relationships, and that is especially true with our Special Needs Clients.

2. The physical nature of a work out, as well as the degree of trust embedded in the trainer-client relationship allows for a genuine environment of learning and progress.

3. We have seen growth not just in terms of physical strength and endurance; but in balance and coordination as well.

“A large proportion of children on the autism spectrum have gross motor imbalances that affect gait, posture, and the ability to correctly perform “big” movements (pushing, pulling, running, climbing, etc.)” (Autism Fitness).

* Those with special needs can be predisposed to adapting irregular movement patterns.

* There are not many long-term programs emphasizing and enacting a continued cardio and strength training program for those with special needs.

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